iljin electric

    • ISO9001
    • ISO 14001

    Provider for Tomorrow - We are a leading advanced materials company striving to open the door for the future

    Technology & Know-how - One of the world's 3 largest industrial diamond manufacturers

    Unique technological innovations achieved with differentiation and expertise - R&D using 10% of sales

    TOP 3 of the Super abrasive Material Industry - Top 3 global leading company

    leading company of Tool Material - Solution provider and quality innovator in the industry

    • Diamond/CBN Powder - Industrial diamonds are used as a core material of manufacturing in almost all industries.
    • PCD/PCBN - ILJIN’s systematic operation management encompasses material selection & production, and quality control ensuring a stable supply of quality products.
    • Tungsten carbide - We are a proven partner and supplier of optimized tungsten carbide rods of indisputable quality for super-hard roll user conditions.
    • PDC - Our products’ superb durability and resistance against wear, impacts, and heat contributes to cost reduction and improves productivity.

      Diamond/CBN Powder

      Distinguished technology enables the manufacturing of high precision particles with uniform size and shape.




      Essential materials for various industries, such as automotive, aviation, wood, oil refineries, medicine, among many others



      Tungsten carbide

      Applied for various material tooling machines that require tungsten carbide cutting




      Vital material for offshore drilling and resource development



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